Zencoder Live EOL FAQ

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This topic provides answers to frequently asked questions about the end of life for Zencoder Live.


I have an existing application that uses the Zencoder Live APIs. Will it continue to work?
It will only work until July 1, 2018. Please contact your Account Manager to get access to Brightcove Live for guidance and support in transitioning to the new APIs.
Can I purchase Brightcove Live hours using a credit card?
Credit card purchases are not available at this time. Use of Brightcove Live requires a separate agreement and a minimum commitment. Please contact sales for more information.
Can i purchase Brightcove Live on a pay-as-you-go basis?
Brightcove Live requires a minimum commitment of hours which can be invoiced on a per-month basis. Please contact your account manager for details.
Does Brightcove Live support RTMP inputs?
Yes. Please refer to the supported encoders page for more detail.
Does Brightcove Live support RTMP outputs?
Can I use my own origin server with Brightcove Live?
Brightcove Live transcodes and stores all content and serves as the origin for live delivery. CDN bandwidth for delivery can be purchased through Brightcove or you can choose to utilize your own CDN.
Are Brightcove Live APIs backwards compatible with the Zencoder Live APIs?
The Brightcove Live API syntax closely resembles the Zencoder Live APIs, but due to changes in existing features and the addition of new features, not all APIs will be compatible. Please refer to the Brightcove Live API documentation for details.
Does Brightcove Live offer a user interface for managing my Live streams?
Yes. Please contact your account manager or sales for options.
Will I still be provided global coverage when switching to Brightcove Live?
Brightcove Live is a cloud-based service and operates in many regions around the world. Please refer to the documentation for more details on the current regions in operation.
Zencoder Live allows me to stream continuously for 26 hours. Is this feature available with Brightcove Live?
Yes. Brightcove Live removes the 26 hour restriction and allows streams to operate for 24/7/365.