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In this topic, you will learn how to view the configuration of a Brightcove Player via altering a URL.

Viewing the configuration

Follow these steps to view a player's configuration:

  1. In Studio, go the the PLAYERS module.
  2. Click the Embed Code & URL button.
  3. From the drop down, click Published Player.
  4. From the window that opens, click the Player URL. You will see the player open in a browser.
    Player URL link
  5. Check the URL in the browser, it will appear something like this:
  6. Change the index.html in the URL to config.json.
  7. The altered URL will display the player's configuration:
    Player configuration

Changing the configuration

Although changing the configuration is beyond the scope of this document, a couple comments on that subject are appropriate.

  • Studio provides a UI to alter many aspects of the configuration of the player in the PLAYERS module.
  • For complete control of the player's configuration the Player Management API can be used. Be aware, this is for the developer oriented and uses curl statements extensively. The Quick Start: Player Management document provides an introduction to the process.