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In this topic, you will find the latest information on changes and enhancements to Video Cloud Studio and Brightcove Player Studio.

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27 Jun 2017

Publish to an In-Page Experience

The Media module now provides the ability to publish one or more videos, or a playlist, to an in-page experience. In-Page experiences are a feature of the Gallery module. For more information, see Publishing Videos to an In-Page Experience.

20 Apr 2017

Quality Selector in Players Module

As part of the player properties, you can choose to show a quality selector. This setting controls whether the viewer has the ability to manually select a different rendition as they are watching a video. For more information on the player settings, see Configuring Player Settings.

29 Mar 2017

Force Players to use Latest Pre-release Version

As part of the player properties, the player version can now be set to "Always latest pre-release" when the update mode is set to automatic. This will cause the player version to be updated to the latest pre-release version (or release version if there is no pre-release version available) automatically as new pre-release versions are available. For more information on the player update mode and version, see Setting the Player Update Mode and Version.

27 Mar 2017

URL Shortener when Publishing

When publishing a video to web or email, the Media module now provides the ability to generate a shortened preview URL.

20 Mar 2017

Video Views in Media Module

The Media module now provides the ability to display the number of video views for the past 30 days in the video list. Select Views (30 Days) using the column selector. Opening the video properties will display a graph of the video views for the past 30 days.

7 Mar 2017

Request Ads "on cue point" Setting

The Advertising panel in the Media module now provides the ability to request ads when cue points are encountered during video playback. For more information, see Configuring Player Advertising.

Improvements to Brightcove Social Auto Sync

A number of usability improvements have been made to the Auto Sync feature:

  • Option to ignore inactive videos
  • Option to match against ANY tag in a list
  • Option to sync all videos in a Video Cloud account
  • Added auto-synced videos to the publish stream view
  • Improved filtering and sorting on auto-sync status page

For more information, see Using Auto Sync to Synchronize Videos to Social Media Accounts.

31 Jan 2017

Dimensions Added to Performance Report

The Performance Report now provides the ability to view performance data by device manufacturer and by browser type. For more information, see the Performance Report Reference.

New 360 Degree Video Metadata Field

The Upload and Media modules now provide the ability to indicate that a video is a 360 degree video. Edit the video properties and set the Video Projection property to 360 Degree. For information on working with 360 degree videos, see Working with 360-Degree Videos.

Default Image Sizes for Uploads

The Upload Settings Administration page now provides the ability to specify default image sizes for poster and thumbnail images during upload. By configuring image sizes as part of the Upload Settings, you can avoid having to set image dimensions in your ingest profiles. For more information, see Managing Account Settings.

Analytics Links Added to Video Cloud Dashboard

Links have been added to the analytics cards on the Video Cloud Dashboard. Clicking one of these links will redirect you to the appropriate view in the Performance Report where you can view additional video performance details. For more information, see Getting Started with Video Cloud Studio.

Brightcove Social - Auto Sync

The Auto Sync destination status page now allows the list of sync statuses to be filtered. For more information, see Using Auto Sync to Synchronize Videos to Social Media Accounts.

Brightcove Social - Creating Destinations

When setting destination defaults, it is now possible to select either the Video Cloud short or long description. For more information, see Creating Social Media Publishing Destinations.

23 Dec 2016

Publish to Email

The Media module now provides the ability to select a video and then publish it to email. For information, see Publishing a Video to Email.

30 Nov 2016

Brightcove Social Now Available

Brightcove Social enables organizations to manage their video presence across social networks from a single interface. To learn more about Brightcove Social, see Getting Started with Brightcove Social or watch our Brightcove Social training videos.

Publish to Social

The Media module now provides the ability to select a video and then publish it using Brightcove Social.

New Administration Options

The Video Fields, Media Sharing, Legacy Media API Management options have been added to the ADMIN menu in Studio. The Legacy Studio is no longer needed to configure custom fields, setup media sharing or to get API tokens. For information on the Video Cloud account settings, see Managing Account Settings.

Player-level Geo Filtering

Geo Filtering at the player level is now supported. For information, see Configuring Player Availability.

31 Oct 2016

French and Chinese Support Added

Video Cloud Studio has added support for French and Chinese languages. For information on changing the Studio language, see Managing Your Profile.

Directed Migration Tool

The Directed Migration Tool allows publishers to easily migrate existing Smart Players to Brightcove Players. No changes to player publishing code are required. For information, see Using the Directed Migration Tool to Migrate Brightcove Smart Players.

30 Sep 2016

New Video List View in the Media Module

The new table list was a complete re-build which enhances performance and allows adds some new features:

  • The ability to add folder, tags, and custom field columns to the table display
  • A new Quick View option that can be used to view a subset of the video properties
  • The table rows are more condensed to display more videos at once

For more information on the Media module, see Getting Started with the Media Module.

31 Aug 2016

Date Dimension Added to Custom Reports

When creating custom reports, a Date dimension is now available. For more information on creating custom reports, see Creating Custom Analytics Reports in the Analytics Module.

Mega Menu

Video Cloud Studio now has a mega menu for selecting modules. The mega menu replaces the current header and allows for more modules to be added in the future.

Player-level Logo Overlays

The Players module now allows image overlays to be configured as part of the styling options. For more information, see Styling Players.

30 Jun 2016

Playlist Search

Playlist search is available from the main “All Videos” list view as well as the “All Playlists” view. For more information, see Searching for Videos and Playlists in the Media Module.

Click to Edit

On the Video Details and Player Details pages, you can double-click inside of any editable panel and it will open up that panel in edit mode. You are no longer required to click the Edit button. We also have added Save and Cancel buttons at the top and bottom of the panel when in edit mode so that less scrolling is required.

Other Enhancements

  • The preview player on the Video Details page will now playback DRM content

31 May 2016

Analytics Module UI Updates

The Analytics module UI has been updated to match the styling of the rest of the new Studio. Major changes include:

  • Custom Reports are now available to Pro publishers. For information on creating custom reports, see Creating Custom Analytics Reports in the Analytics Module
  • Increased performance and other improvements
  • You can now link directly to specific analytics reports
  • The Analytics module follows responsive design principles and performs better on mobile devices
  • The Utilization report has been removed as the same usage data is included in the Billing module
  • The Analytics Overview report has been removed as the information was redundant with what is displayed on the New Studio dashboard

29 Apr 2016

Remote Asset Editing

Remote asset videos can now be edited using the Media module. For information, see Working with Remote Asset Videos.

Sticky Sort in Media module

When users select to sort by a particular column in the video list view, Video Cloud Studio will remember the sort selection. When users navigate away and come back or login again, the video list will default to the sort order that was last selected.

Preview Player Update in Media module

The preview player in the Media module video details page has been updated to a 5.1.x player.

Bug Fixes

  • The Add to Playlist modal now displays 400 playlists to select from
  • The cue point editor now supports millisecond level cue points (using a decimal point in the seconds field)
  • Videos added to manual playlists will be added to the beginning of the playlist instead of the end
  • Video counts for folders will now display in the sidebar
  • An Ad_keys field has been added to the video properties

31 Mar 2016

Remote Asset Support

Remote asset videos can now be added using the Media module. For information, see Working with Remote Asset Videos.

Advanced Search

A new UI for advanced search is now available. For information, see Searching for Videos in the Media Module.

Audience Module Dashboard

The Audience module dashboard now shows key data about videos watched using Audience-enabled players. For information, see Getting Started with the Audience Module.

Audience Marketo Integration

The Audience module now has an option to integrate viewing data to Marketo using the Marketo REST API’s and custom data objects.

29 Feb 2016

Salesforce Integration

The Audience module can now synchronize viewing data from Brightcove Players to Salesforce. For information, see Integrating Video Cloud with Salesforce.

SDK Analytics in Performance Report

Players used in apps built using either the Brightcove Player SDK for iOS or Android are now identified in the Performance Report using the source and destination values specified in the app. For more information, see either the iOS or Android SDK documentation.

28 Jan 2016

Quick Edit

The Quick Edit feature in the Media can be used to edit multiple video properties at the same time. For more information, see Editing Video Properties using Quick Edit.

Player Update Mode and Version

The player update mode and version can now be configured in the Players module. For information on setting the player update mode and version, see Setting the Player Update Mode and Version.

Player Skin

Two player skins are now available and can be used to change the appearance of the player. For information on selecting a player skin, see Styling Players.

Video Cloud Videos on Eloqua Landing Pages

Video Cloud videos can now be added to Eloqua landing pages. For information, see Embedding a Video Cloud Video on an Eloqua Landing Page.