Quick Start: Uploading Videos

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The objective of this Quick Start is for you to be able to upload videos to Video Cloud using the Upload module.

After completing this Quick Start you should be able to:

  • Describe the importance of ingest profiles
  • Upload videos to Video Cloud using the Upload module

Selecting an Ingest Profile

Ingest profiles contain the transcode settings that will be used when videos are transcoded. Before you upload any videos using the Upload module, you should select the appropriate ingest profile. You may want to use one type of ingest profile when uploading action videos and another profile when uploading screencasts.

Note: The list of ingest profiles that appears depends on how your Video Cloud account is configured.

For specific details on the Brightcove supplied ingest profiles, see one of the following:

It is also possible to create your own custom ingest profiles. For information, see Managing Ingest Profiles.

Uploading Videos

After selecting an ingest profile, you can upload a single video or multiple videos in a batch. Source files can reside on your local machine or on any internet accessible URL such as Amazon S3 or Dropbox. Video Cloud accepts videos formatted in most available file formats.

The Upload module can also be used on mobile devices allowing you to upload videos from your mobile device to Video Cloud.

The following video tutorial will give you an overview of using the Upload module to upload videos to your Video Cloud account.


Hands-on Task: Uploading Videos to Video Cloud

In this task you will upload several videos to Video Cloud. Before proceeding, you should download the sample videos zip file or have some sample video clips you can use.

Login to your Video Cloud account

  1. In a browser window, navigate to https://studio.brightcove.com.
  2. Enter your credentials and click Sign In.

Upload local videos to Video Cloud

  1. Click Upload to open the Upload module.
  2. In the Upload module, select an ingest profile.
  3. Click Browse for Videos and browse and select all of the sample videos that were provided.
  4. The page will display all the videos and the upload progress.

    While uploads are in a processing state, do not close or move away from the browser window. Doing so may cause an incomplete upload.

    When the upload is complete, a Processing Complete status will display. This indicates the processing has completed and it is safe to navigate from the Upload module.

    Note: It is possible to click the Edit button next to the filename to edit some of the video metadata. Adding video metadata is covered in the next Quick Start topic.

Upload remote video to Video Cloud

  1. In the Upload module, click Enter URL.
  2. Enter the following URL to a file which is hosted on an Amazon S3 account.
  3. Click Process Video to begin the upload.

(Optional) Upload videos using mobile device

  1. Using a mobile device, open Video Cloud Studio at https://studio.brightcove.com.
  2. Open the Upload module.
  3. Select an ingest profile.
  4. Click Browse for Videos. The camera roll application on the device should open.
  5. Select a video to upload. The upload will begin and the upload progress will be displayed.