Quick Start: Understanding Video Cloud

Video Cloud
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Get Started using Video Cloud Studio

The objective of this Quick Start is to give you a high level overview of the Video Cloud architecture and how to navigate inside of Video Cloud Studio.

After completing this Quick Start you should be able to:

  • Describe the architecture of Video Cloud
  • Navigate around inside Video Cloud Studio

Video Cloud Architecture

The following video tutorial will give you an overview of the architecture of Video Cloud.


Navigating Video Cloud Studio

Video Cloud Studio is a web-based user interface for Video Cloud. Video Cloud Studio is written entirely in HTML5 and can be run on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Video Cloud Studio is divided into modules:

  • Upload - Used to upload videos
  • Media - Used to manage videos, set video properties, create playlists and publish videos
  • Analytics - Used to view reports on video analytics
  • Players - Used to create and style players
  • Live - Used to broadcast live events
  • Gallery - Used to quickly create video portals without the need for any custom coding
  • Social - Used to distribute videos to social media accounts
  • Audience - Connects video analytics from Video Cloud to marketing automation platforms

Note that the modules you have access to will vary based upon your Video Cloud subscription and user permissions.

The following video tutorial will give you an overview of Video Cloud Studio.


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