Player Management API Sample: Display Players

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In this example, you enter your account username, ID and password. On click of the button, an HTML ordered list will display the account's players. For each player the player ID, name and creation date will be displayed.


To learn about the general approach concerning the architecture of this sample app, specifically authentication and AJAX implementations, see the examples that use HTTPRequest.

App architecture

The high-level application logic for this app is as follows:

  1. Gather user data necessary to access account
  2. On button click, perform AJAX call to retrieve all player info
  3. On AJAX call success perform the following:
    • Inject JSON response data into HTML page
    • Dynamically build HTML that displays player info in an ordered list and inject that into HTML page

Account input


Account ID:



JSON response

Below is the JSON data returned by the request:


Processed response

Below is simple HTML output of some of the player information: