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Playback API

This is a reference to errors returned by the Playback API.

Status codes and errors

Status error_code error_subcode/ Description
200 SUCCESS The normal response is sent. Not an error
400 BAD_REQUEST DUPLICATE_PARAMETERS - The same parameter name was provided more than once in the request
401 ACCESS_DENIED Must include legal policy key in an appropriate header.
403 FORBIDDEN The video cannot be retrieved because:
  • ACCOUNT_ID: The account id in the policy key does not match the account in the api request
  • API: The policy key is not search-enabled when attempting to perform a video search. Example:
      "api_call": "search",
      "error_subcode": "API",
      "error_code": "ACCESS_DENIED",
      "message": "Access to this resource is forbidden by access policy."
  • CLIENT_GEO: The video is restricted from playing in the current geo region; the message will contain additional information about the specific issue. Example:
    "errors": [{
      "error_code": "ACCESS_DENIED",
      "error_subcode": "CLIENT_GEO",
      "client_geo": "us",
      "message": "Access to this resource is forbidden by access policy."
  • CLIENT_IP: The video is restricted at the current IP address
  • DOMAIN: The video is restricted from playing on the current domain
  • POLICY_ERROR: Error when evaluating the policy key or the request came from an ipV6 address, which is not currently supported
  • VIDEO_NOT_PLAYABLE: For a single video request, the video exists, but is not allowed to be played now. That could be any of the three reasons that videos are not playable:
    • not sufficiently ingested
    • not active
    • not in scheduled date range
404 NOT_FOUND The requested resource is not available:
405 METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED Only GET, HEAD and OPTIONS are allowed for this api.
500 SERVER_ERROR Internal server error.
502 SERVER_ERROR Got a bad response from a backend server. Various *_RETRIEVE_FAILURE error codes:
503 SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE Returned this response from a backend server.
504 SERVER_TIMEOUT Either a backend server or one of the servers they rely on timed out.

Error response format

{"error_code": "ERROR_CODE1"},
{"error_code": "ERROR_CODE2", "message": "details can go here"}