This page describes the key concepts to help you understand and be successful using Video Cloud to upload, manage and publish videos. For more information, see the following concepts:


Concept Description
Getting Started


The Quick Start will give you a set of hands-on steps you can follow to upload, manage and publish videos. On-demand training is also available.

Uploading Videos

Learn about the Upload module which is used to upload videos to your account.

Managing Videos

Learn about some of the common features used to manage and organize videos in your account.

Working with Players

Learn how to create and style players.

Publishing Videos & Playlists

Learn how to publish videos and playlists.

Publishing Video Experiences Learn how to publish video experiences using Gallery.

Reviewing Video Analytics

The Analytics module provides different reports that can be used to get analytics about your videos and players.


Learn how to add new users to your account and become familiar with ingest profiles. Ingest profiles determine the number and quality of renditions that are created when you upload videos to Video Cloud.

Product Overview These topics provide a high level overview of the architecture of Video Cloud and provide some background information.