Get started learning about the video publishing process using Video Cloud Studio. Click below to watch videos on each step in the process. Or, if you prefer instructor-led, online training, click here.


1 Start by uploading videos to your account (1:37)
2 Edit video properties such as the title, description and related link (1:29)
3 Create a new player for publishing a single video (1:22)
4 Style the player by changing the colors and the shape and location of the Play button (1:35)
5 Publish a video to the web (1:35)
6 Create a Manual playlist to group your favorite videos (1:50)
7 Create a Smart playlist to group videos based on tags (1:55)
8 Create a new player for publishing a group of videos (1:47)
9 Publish a group of videos to the web (1:46)

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