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Released on March 29, 2017

Video Cloud Studio


Force Players to use Latest Pre-release Version

As part of the player properties, the player version can now be set to "Always latest pre-release" when the update mode is set to automatic. This will cause the player version to be updated to the latest pre-release version (or release version if there is no pre-release version available) automatically as new pre-release versions are available. For more information on the player update mode and version, see the Setting the Player Update Mode and Version.

URL Shortener when Publishing

When publishing a video to web or email, the Media module now provides the ability to generate a shortened preview URL.

Video Views in Media Module

The Media module now provides the ability to display the number of video views for the past 30 days in the video list. Select Views (30 Days) using the column selector. Opening the video properties will display a graph of the video views for the past 30 days.

Request Ads "on cue point" Setting

The Advertising panel in the Media module now provides the ability to request ads when cue points are encountered during video playback. For more information, see the Configuring Player Advertising.

Improvements to Brightcove Social Auto Sync

A number of usability improvements have been made to the Auto Sync feature:

  • Option to ignore inactive videos
  • Option to match against ANY tag in a list
  • Option to sync all videos in a Video Cloud account
  • Added auto-synced videos to the publish stream view
  • Improved filtering and sorting on auto-sync status page

For more information, see the Using Auto Sync to Synchronize Videos to Social Media Accounts.

Other Updates

Brightcove Player

Native Player SDKs