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Released on September 14, 2011

HTML5 advertising support (Limited Availability)

This capability provides a way for you to deliver ads with videos playing on iPhones, iPads, and other devices that do not support Flash video players. In this release, Video Cloud supports pre-roll video ads from DoubleClick for Publishers. Read more.

Metadata assurance (required fields)

Many publishers use video metadata (names, tags, reference IDs, custom fields, etc.) as an essential tool to track and monetize their content. To make this work, though, you need to make sure that each of the metadata fields you're depending on is actually present. The metadata assurance feature lets you the Video Cloud Studio to designate which metadata fields are important for your business purposes and then require users of your Video Cloud account to complete the required metadata fields for new videos before the videos can become active. Metadata assurance is available for Video Cloud Pro and Enterprise publishers. Read more.

Skip Ad API

The VideoCloud Player API now includes a method to enable skipping video ads played before, during, or after your videos, as well as deleting banners, ad SWFs, and overlay ads. This feature is available for all Video Cloud customers. The ad skipping method works in all Video Cloud Flash players, but does not currently support skipping ads from HTML5 players. To implement ad skipping, refer to the stopAd() method in the Advertising Module Class of the Player API for a description and example.

Video smoothing on by default

Video smoothing is now on by default for all playback. Previously, video smoothing was used by default if the detected bandwidth was less than 950 kbps. You can override the default behavior, turning off video smoothing for a player, using a configuration parameter in the player publishing code. Read more about video smoothing.

Sharepoint 2010 integration

Brightcove has built an integration with Sharepoint to support managing and publishing videos from your Video Cloud account directly from within the Sharepoint interface. Using this open source solution, publishers can search for videos by fields, edit video properties, upload videos, and publish players to their web pages, and even create playlists—all from within Sharepoint. Sharepoint 2010 integration is fully available to Video Cloud Pro and Enterprise customers; for Video Cloud Express $499 customers, only the video searching and player publishing features are available. This integration is a Brightcove Open Source project, and is supported only in the Open Source community. To find out more, go to Brightcove Open Source.

Drupal integration

The new Brightcove integration module for Drupal allows editors to easily select from videos in their Video Cloud account and add them to web pages—all from within the Drupal interface. This module works for both Drupal 6 and 7, and supports a collection of features including searching for videos by name or tag, embedding players by player ID, and integrating with Drupal Views and the Drupal Media Gallery. Go to to find specifications and download the module. Read more about this feature.