Setting a Default Viral Player

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A viral player is a player that is used to play a video when a viewer uses the "Get code" feature, or shares a video out to Facebook or Twitter, in a Video Cloud player. When a viewer uses the "Get code" feature, in most cases, you won't want to give a link or code for the same player the viewer has just been watching as that player may not work as a viral player.  For example, that player may rely on additional scripting on the page, necessary context, multiple playlist assignment, etc. Instead, the viewer is given a link or code to an appropriate single-video player. Likewise, when sharing to Facebook or Twitter, you may want to display a branded player that drives viewers back to your site.

When a player is hosted on your own URL, it is possible to have a player other than the default viral player be shared out to Facebook or Twitter. For more information, see these documents:

You can select one player to be the default viral player for your account. This player must be a single-video player. Your current default viral player is marked with a circle next to the player name in the list of players in the Publishing module:

and also in the Details pane, under the Preview window:

To set the default viral player for your account:

  1. Sign in to Video Cloud Studio.
  2. On the Video Cloud Studio home page, click the Account Settings link at the top right, under the navigation bar.
     You must have Administrator privileges to access this area of the Studio.
  3. On the Account Settings page, click Publishing Settings.
  4. Under Publishing Settings: Default Viral Player, click Edit.
  5. A drop-down menu appears, listing all of the single-video players for your Video Cloud account. Select one of these players and click Save Changes. If you don't already have a single-video player in your account, use the Publishing module to create one. You can use the Video Player template for this purpose.

Keep in mind that videos have an Allow viral distribution for this video property. If this is set to No, the video will not play in your viral player. Make sure if you want to publish a video that is not enabled for viral sharing that it uses a player other than your viral player.

Also, the Blog This & Get Code option should be checked so that your viral player is used when the video is shared to Facebook. If this option is not selected, when the video is shared to Facebook, the player it was shared from will be used in Facebook.


  • Note that the query that creates the list of single-video players that you can select your Default Viral Player from only looks at the first 200 players in your account (sorted alphabetically). If you have more than 200 players in your account, and do not see the player you wish to use in the list, temporarily add "aa" to the beginning of the player name to get it to appear.

Changing the viral player with the Player API

In most cases, you can use the default viral player for sharing from any player you like. If for some reason you want to use a different player than the default viral player, you can swap out the default viral player, using the setEmbedCode() method in the Social Module of the Flash-only Player API.

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