Getting Started with Ramp OmniCache and Video Cloud

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This topic provides an overview of using the Ramp OmniCache eCDN solution with Brightcove Video Cloud.


Ramp OmniCache is an enterprise video distribution system that makes use of proxy cache technology to reduce traffic over the internet gateway. With OmniCache, the proxy cache server pulls the stream from the external CDN and client desktop computers and mobile devices using the Brightcove Player will pull the stream directly from the proxy cache server. OmniCache is a completely on-premise solution delivered as a software appliance.

The integration with the Brightcove uses the OmniCache Video.js plug-in to rewrite the stream URL in the player to point to the OmniCache proxy server that, in turn, caches the stream and makes it available to the Brightcove player to play. For complete details on setting up the OmniCache server for use with Video Cloud, see this TechNote from Ramp.

Player Configuration

Start by configuring a Brightcove player to use the OmniCache plug-in. Create a new player with the desired skin and options.

Then, add the OmniCache Video.js plug-in.

Copy and paste from here:


Finally, set the OmniCache plug-in options. Replace the proxy value "" with the DNS name of your OmniCache server. Alternatively you can also specify a DNS load balancer to spread the video traffic across multiple OmniCache servers.

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{     "proxy": "",     "verbose": true,     "timeout": 2000 }

Embed Brightcove Player

Finally, embed the Brightcove player on your web page using the standard player publishing process.



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