Geo-filtering your Videos

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You can use the Video Cloud geo-filtering feature to restrict access to content based on the viewer's geographic location. For example, if you have a video that, for legal reasons, cannot be distributed outside the U.S. and Canada, you can set geo-filtering on the video to keep viewers outside of the approved countries from accessing that content. You can also use geo-filtering to restrict access to players.

The ability to use geo-filtering to restrict videos is a feature available to Video Cloud Pro and Enterprise publishers for an additional fee. Contact Brightcove if you want to upgrade your account to include geo-filtering. Features of video geo-filtering include:

  • Daily updates to the IP address database used to filter content, resulting in more accurate geo-filtering.
  • Filtering is supported for over 240 countries and regions defined by ISO-3166.
  • Geo-filtering can be applied to individual videos or to players.
  • Geo-filtering works with live video streams as well as video on demand.

Geo-filtering can be either exclusive or inclusive of the list of countries you select. This means that you can specify countries that should have access to the content in question (inclusive). Alternatively, you can specify countries that should not have access to the content in question (exclusive).

When a player tries to load a video that is blocked by geo-filtering, the video doesn't load, invisibly to the viewer. If the geo-restricted video is part of a playlist loaded in the player, the next unrestricted video will load instead.

You can display an error instead of having the player die silently using the technique described in the Smart Player API Sample: Video Geo-Filtering Error Display document.

Using video geo-filtering

If video geo-filtering is enabled for your Video Cloud Pro or Enterprise account, you can set geo-filtering using the Media module. You can use geo-filtering either to restrict your video to one or more specified countries, or to allow your video to work everywhere except one or more specified, excluded countries.

To set geo-filtering for videos:

  1. In the Media module, select one or more videos and click Edit > Availability.
  2. Under Geographic Filtering, select Prevent viewing from the following countries and select the countries in which you want your video to be blocked, or else select Allow viewing from the following countries and select the countries in which you want your video to be available. You can include or exclude any of the more than 240 countries and regions defined by ISO-3166. You can use the Filter field to search for countries in the list, or click Select all or Select none.

  3. Click Save Changes.

Special notes

Note the following:

  • If you filter the list of countries using the text filter box, and then click Select all, only the countries in the filtered list will be selected, not all the countries.
  • The video details pane displays the geo-restricted countries, but only if you have included or excluded 50 or fewer countries. If you have included or excluded more than 50 countries for a single video, the details pane instead uses the label "Selected:" to show you the total number of countries included or excluded.
  • For the purposes of geo-filtering, the United Kingdom (gb country code) includes Guernsey (gg), Jersey (je), and the Isle of Man (im); those islands cannot be treated separatedly from the United Kingdom.
  • US military IP addresses will be identified as belonging to the US military "country" if they are located outside the United States; military addresses inside the United States will be treated as part of the US for geo-filtering purposes. Use the code "usmil" to indicate US military adresses outside the United States.
  • For better alphabetization, we have converted non-ASCII characters in country names to their ASCII approximations. For example, we list Aland Islands and Cote d'Ivoire, not Åland Islands or Côte d'Ivoire.