Editing Settings for Players: The Global Tab

This document explains how to modify the name, hosting options, and code support for a player, along with other properties set on the Global tab of the player settings editor.

To edit these player settings from the Video Cloud studio, select a player or group of players from the Publishing module, click Settings at the bottom of the list of players, and click the Global tab in the player settings editor. 

Read more for an overview of all player settings.

The Global tab settings


A name you use to identify the player. The name can have up to 80 characters, including blank spaces. If your player is hosted on a Brightcove URL, the player name is publicly viewable in the browser window title when the player is opened from a sharing link, unless you have turned off promotional features as described under Viral Promotion.


A description of the player of up to 256 characters, including blank spaces. The description is publicly viewable in search engines or in e-mail sharing, unless you have turned off these promotional features. Use the player description to help search engines find and index your video content.

Hosting Options

Host on a Brightcove URLSelect this option to make your player available without having to specify a particular web address.

Host on your URL—Provide the URL of the page where you will later copy and paste the publishing code for the player. Be sure to include either http:// or https://. Video Cloud performs a validation check on URLs you enter; you will not be able to save a URL that doesn't pass the validation check. We recommend that you use this setting so that links to the player go to your web site, rather than to link.brightcove.com.

Web Settings

Enable ActionScript/JavaScript APIs—Enable developer access to the player's videos and control of video playback by selecting this checkbox to enable API interaction with the player. If you are not using the Player APIs, leaving the APIs disabled will result in slightly faster player loading. Read more about the Player APIs.

Enable HTML5 delivery—Enable the smart player feature, which lets the player automatically detect if the viewer's device supports Flash or HTML5, and displays in HTML5 mode for devices that do not support Flash. Read more about smart players.

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