Coding a Solution Using a Hybrid of Both Player APIs

This document addresses how to create solutions using a hybrid of both JavaScript Player APIs.

Choosing your Player API solution

Note that if you have previously visited this page, Brightcove no longer recommends the solution that was presented. That was intended as an interim solution while the Smart Player API was in a very immature state.

Now that Smart Player API has extensive functionality, Brightcove recommends using it exclusively for your Player API solutions whenever possible.

There are two cases where you still may need to use the Flash-only Player API:

  • Your player is embedded in a Flash container.

    In this case, you can only use the Flash-only Player API
  • You are using the JavaScript publishing code for Smart Players, but you wish to add some functionality available only in the Flash-only Player API, understanding that this functionality will only be present when the player is in Flash mode

In the second case, you can create a hybrid solution that provides different functionality depending on whether the player is in Flash or HTML5 mode. To do this, you should add two plugins to Player:

If you do wish to attempt a hybrid solution using in-page scripting, there is a working sample that you can use as a guide.

Additional resources

The following references and support articles will help you learn more about the Smart Player API: