Brightcove Player FAQ

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What about my existing Smart Players?
The new Brightcove Player is available today as an option for Video Cloud customers, but you can keep your existing Smart Players while you learn about the new player. You can try the new Brightcove Player without disrupting any of your existing player sites or pages, and you can choose to update them one at a time or all at once - however you like. The end of life date for the Smart Player is Dec. 31, 2017.
Will my player customizations work?

Smart Player customization will not work with the new Brightcove Player. The new Brightcove Player has a new extension and customization model based on the HTML5 video standard and relies entirely on Javascript and CSS. Plug-ins can be written to change UI behavior, including player controls, overlays, menus, and integration with third-party tools. See Configuring Player Plugins and Styling Players for more details.

What features are available today and how do they differ from what’s in the Smart Player?
The new Brightcove Player has many new and different features compared to the Smart Player. Some popular Smart Player features are not yet available in the new Brightcove Player.
How do I try it?

The Quick Start to Video Cloud is a step-by-step guide which will will walk you through the process of uploading a video, creating a player and then publishing a video using the new Brightcove Player.

How does the new Brightcove Player work with my custom CMS workflow?

With the new Brightcove Player you can now create new players and update existing player configurations without interactively logging-in to Video Cloud Studio. Using the new Player Management API you can add player creation and update steps to your custom workflow by calling out to a simple REST-based API. If you don’t need to update or create a new player configuration, you can easily insert video IDs or reference IDs of videos stored in Brightcove Video Cloud into a copied page template that includes the embed code generated by Video Cloud.

Refer to the Player Management API documentation to learn how to update your players programmatically as part of your custom publishing workflow.