Managing API Authentication Credentials

This topic provides an overview of creating and managing API authentication credentials.

When you use the Player Management and Delivery System APIs, your method calls will require access tokens unless you enable basic authentication in the Perform account settings. For more information on enabling basic authentication, see Managing Account Settings.

In this topic, you will learn about:

Creating client registrations

The API Authentication page is used to create new client registrations. When creating registrations, you can select the service and the roles that will be enabled with the registration.

To create a new client registration for your account:

  1. Click the ADMIN link in the Studio header.
  2. Click the API Authentication link. The API Authentication page will open displaying your current client registrations.

    Note: Only the client registrations for the account you are logged into will display.

  3. Click Register New Application.
  4. Enter a Name and Short Description for the client registration.
  5. Select one or more of your accounts for authorization. You can select multiple accounts and click > to add them or click >> to add all accounts. Click < to remove an account or << to remove all accounts.
  6. Select the API(s) and permission(s) to enable for this registration.
  7. Click Save.
  8. A Client ID and Client secret will be returned.

    Note: Copy the client secret and store it in a secure location as the client secret will not be displayed again.

Managing client registrations

The API Authentication page can be used to view and manage client registrations. From the Perform Studio home page, click the ADMIN link and then click API Authentication. A list of your current registrations will display.

To view the registration details, click the on the name. From here, you can:

  • Modify the name
  • Copy the client ID
  • Add and remove accounts for authorization
  • Select additional APIs to enable
  • Revoke the credential

Click Save to save your changes.

Revoking client registrations

To revoke a client registration, click the Revoke link next to the registration. Revoking a registration permanently disables it and cannot be undone.


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