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In this topic, you will learn about the Analytics API date_hour dimension.


The date_hour dimension provides analytics data in hourly segments. The user can specify the from and to parameters in yyyy-MM-dd or epoch time in milliseconds format. To report over a span of hours, you will need to use the milliseconds format, with to and from values falling within the start and end hours that you want to query on. Any date range specified by the user will be interpreted to the current timezone for the account. date_hour reports are only valid for ranges within the past 32 days. If the from value is more than 32 days ago, an error will be returned.

URL parameters

Analytics API reports support the following URL parameters.

URL Parameters
Parameter Description Required Values Default

Fields available

The following fields can be returned for the dimension.

    Filter values

    Used as a filter, a dimension allows you to narrow the results.


    Combining dimensions

    To see what dimensions this on can be combined with, and what fields are available for the combination, see Dimension and Fields.

    Request Examples

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