Customizing the Site Features of a Portal Experience

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In this topic you will learn how to customize the site features for a portal experience.

To configure the site features for a portal experience, edit the experience and click SITE FEATURES in the left navigation. The following settings are available:

  • Site Search - Enable site search
  • Social - Configure the video sharing and stay connected options
  • Comments - Enable commenting

The Site Search settings allow you to enable search for the site. To access the site search settings, click SITE FEATURES > Site Search in the left navigation. By checking Enable site search, a search field will appear on the site allowing viewers to perform searches against video content. Note that the video name, short and long description and tags will be searched. By default, when search is enabled, ALL videos in your Video Cloud account will be searched. The search is NOT limited to just the videos that appear in your Gallery experience.

To limit the videos that are returned when searching, there are options to:

  • Include Tag - The search will only return videos that match the search term entered in the search box AND are tagged with this tag (only a single tag is supported)
  • Exclude Tag - Videos with this tag WILL NOT be returned as part of the search results (only a single tag is supported)
  • Enable the Video Security setting - Video Security can be enabled as part of the video settings. When enabled, only the videos in collections will be searched (search will only return videos that were added to a collection using a smart playlist or using a custom search). For more information, see Customizing the Video Settings for a Portal Experience.

Note: Search is not supported when multiple video sources are used when creating collections.

Note: Any values entered for Include Tag and Exclude Tag will also apply to any collections that were added to the site.

Configuring social settings

The Social settings provide viewers a way to easily share your content to popular social media sites. You can also provide a way for viewers to quickly access your social media sites. For information on configuring the Social settings, see Customizing the Social Settings for a Portal Experience.

Configuring comments

The Comments settings provide the ability to capture comments using the Disqus community forums. To configure the Comments settings, click SITE FEATURES > Comments in the left navigation.

Note: Comments settings are not available for all templates.

Enter your Disqus shortname and viewers will have the ability to add comments on your site.

To learn more about Disqus and to generate a shortname for your site, visit the Disqus website.