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In this topic you will learn how to configure the video availability properties using the Media module.


The video availability properties can be used to control the dates and times that a video can be viewed. Geo filtering can be used to control which countries have the ability to view the video.

To view and edit the availability properties for a video, open the Media module, click the video title link and locate the Availability section.

To edit the Availability properties, click the Edit button or double-click in the section. Video availability can be configured based upon:

Configuring dates and times

A start date/time and end date/time can be set for videos. The dates/times control when a video will be available for viewing.

By default, videos are Available Immediately and have No End Date. To set start/end dates and times:

  1. Click the radio button next to the date/time field.
  2. Click in the date field and use the calendar control to select a date.
  3. Click the clock icon () to set a time.

    Note: The time zone is based upon the time zone that is set on your computer or device.

  4. To return to the calendar control, click the calendar icon ().
  5. Click Save.

Configuring geo filtering

Geo filtering can be used to control which countries can, and cannot, play the video.

  • The ability to use player geo filtering is a feature available to Enterprise and Professional accounts for an additional fee. Contact Brightcove if you would like to upgrade your account to include geo filtering.
  • Geo filtering can also be applied to players. Video Cloud will apply both player and video geo-filtering policies - if a country is excluded by either, the video will not be available there.

To set the geo filtering properties for a video:

  1. Select Allow viewing from the following countries or Prevent viewing from the following countries.
  2. Enter the appropriate country names. As you type, the country list will be filtered.
  3. Click Save.