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What's New with Brightcove documentation? This page is intended to help you stay current with the latest updates and announcements from the Brightcove documentation site.


Video Cloud Studio

Opening a Case with Brightcove Support

1 Aug 2019

New document explaining how to open a Brightcove Support case.

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Basics Video - Editing Video Properties for Multiple Videos

2 Jul 2019

A new Basics video showing how to edit properties of multiple videos in Studio.

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Basics Doc - Viewing the Brightcove System Status Page

25 Jun 2019

A new Basics page on how to view and understand the Brightcove Status page.

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Brightcove Web Player

Customizing Player Appearance

16 Aug 019

The document has been updated with all the latest changes to the underlying element structure of the Brightcove Player.

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Developer Basics Videos

14 Aug 2019

The Developer Basics series of videos are short (most around two minutes) videos that focus on a single topic pertaining to development with Brightcove Player.

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Training on Demand: Developing with the Brightcove Player

9 Aug 2019

Viewing the Developing with the Brightcove Player training course is a great way to become familiar with developing with the Brightcove Player. This course was designed for developers who have experience working with HTML, JavaScript and CSS. It is also helpful to have some working experience with Video Cloud. The course contains 8 videos ranging from less than two minutes up to eight minutes.

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Brightcove Device Players

AirPlay 2 support

10 Jul 2019

The Native SDK for iOS now supports AirPlay 2. Select the link below to learn how to enable AirPlay functionality with your app using the Brightcove Native SDK for iOS.

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IAB Open Measurement

13 Jun 2019

The Brightcove Native SDKs now support the IAB Open Measurement SDK with the IMA plugins. This allows you to use third-party tools for ad mearsurement and verification.

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Java 8 compliance

1 May 2019

The Brightcove Native SDK for Android is now Java 8 compliant.

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New iOS app submission requirement

8 Jan 2019

Apple announces that you will need to build your projects using the iOS 12.1 SDK when submitting new apps to the App Store.

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Platform APIs

Analytics API Sample: Concurrent Viewers for Live Events

26 Jul 2019

New Analytics API sample app to get concurrent users for a Live event.

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Watermarks for CAE ingest profiles

19 Jul 2019

Watermarks may now be added to CAE ingest profiles.

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New endpoints for Live in the Analytics API

6 JUN 2019

The Analytics API has new endpoints for Live analytics.

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