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System Requirements

This topic provides information on what platforms and browsers are supported for the Brightcove Player.

Browser Versions Notes
Internet Explorer (Win) 10+
  • IE 11 on Windows 8.1+ uses HTML-based HLS (leveraging MSE)
  • IE 11 on Windows 7 uses Flash based HLS (will fall back to MP4 if Flash disabled)
  • IE's Compatibility mode is not supported
  • IE's Enterprise mode is not supported
  • IE11 on Windows 10 and 8.1, and IE11 on Win8 Metro, use Native/Shaka-Player. (Shaka-Player provides DASH support. Note that prior to the Brightcove Player DRM plugin version 4, the playback technology used for DASH support was built on top of Dash.js.) All other IE versions and configurations use the Silverlight plugin.
  • IE8 and IE9 are no longer supported by Microsoft, make up a tiny fraction of Brightcove's traffic, and are therefore no longer actively supported. Brightcove will consider fixing issues related to these browsers on a case-by-case basis.
  • The Windows 10/10KN editions come without Windows Media Player and related technologies pre-installed. To play video, you can install Microsoft's Media feature pack.
Microsoft Edge Latest  
Chrome Desktop (Win, Mac) Latest  
Firefox Desktop (Win, Mac) Latest  
Safari Desktop (Mac) 9+  
Safari Mobile (iOS) 9+  
Chrome Mobile (iOS) 9+ Please consult Brightcove's IMA or other 3rd-party docs for plugin compatibility.
Embedded Web Views (iOS) 9+ Please consult Brightcove's IMA or other 3rd-party docs for plugin compatibility.
Chrome Mobile (Android) Latest Google no longer supports Android 4.x and older with the Chrome browser.
IE Windows 8 Tablet 11  
Chrome OS 33+  



  • Only real machines are supported. While we expect that the player will generally work on virtual machines, we do not test on VM configurations and do not support them.
  • Wherever Flash Player is needed, the latest version is required.
  • The “Stock” browser found on earlier versions of Android (often with an icon named “Internet”) has a number of unworkable issues with video playback and is not recommended.