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Release Notes

This document describes the features of the latest pre-release of Brightcove player, as well as how you can try it.

VERSION 6 - v6.22.7

16 Aug 2018

  • Does not send non-essential parameters with beacons when they would push the URL length over the 4,000 character limit
  • Fixed an issue where a custom base URL for the catalog was not being set properly

VERSION 6 - v6.22.6

14 Aug 2018

  • Fixed an error with the new catalog.get() method

Try new version

If a pre-release version is available, the easiest way to try out a pre-release version is to go to the player in the Studio Players module, edit the Settings, use the version selector (screenshot is an example only, use the latest pre-release version):

select player version

You can update a player to the pre-release version by using a curl statement. A quick overview of curl can be found at the top of the Quick Start: Player Management. In the document there is a specific section on how to update your player.

Here is the curl command to update your player, where you substitute appropriate values for YOUR_EMAIL, YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID and YOUR_PLAYER_ID.

curl \
  --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --user YOUR_EMAIL \
  --request PATCH \
  --data '{
    "player": {
    "template": {
      "version": "6.22.7"
  }' \

In most cases you will want to publish the player, which can be done with the following curl statement. Again, you will need to substitute correct values where indicated.

curl \
  --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --user YOUR_EMAIL  \
  --request POST \