Announcement: Brightcove Native Player SDKs deprecating support for Widevine Classic

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The Brightcove Native Player SDKs for iOS and Android will no longer support the Widevine Classic integrations in early 2017. As of this announcement, these integrations on iOS and Android are officially deprecated. This means that no new feature work or non-essential bug fixes will be released for Widevine Classic moving forward. Customers with existing implementations can expect the functionality to perform as expected during the deprecation period.

The Native Player SDKs now support the following next generation DRM solutions:

  • FairPlay: The Native Player SDKs for iOS and tvOS support Apple FairPlay Streaming technology for delivering encrypted HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) video content.
  • Widevine Modular: The Native Player SDK for Android supports Google's Widevine Modular technology. This is the latest version of Google's DRM platform for protecting video playback.

These solutions leverage the latest DRM technologies, are built into the operating systems and deliver a superior viewing experience while maintaining secure content protection.

Existing applications with Widevine Classic integrations will continue to work as they have, however, we strongly encourage customers to begin testing with the new FairPlay and Widevine Modular solutions and transition as soon as possible. Be aware that the Widevine Classic Client may not work with newer versions of the mobile operating systems, as announced in the Widevine Product News.

For more information on how to migrate to these technologies, see the Content Security with the Native Player SDKs document.


We understand that this is a technical topic and are happy to answer any questions concerning the transition. Please reach out to us through the SDK Developer Forums for technical questions, or to your account manager for concerns.