Announcement: Apple iOS 9 release with ATS

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Release Notes

With Apple's release of the iOS 9 SDK, a new feature called App Transport Security (ATS) enforces secure connections between an app and web services.

Because ATS restrictions do not apply to previous versions of the iOS SDK, it will only affect applications that target the iOS 9 SDK or later. Applications that target earlier versions of the SDK and those already in the App Store will not be affected.

Support for ATS within the Brightcove ecosystem is now available. You have two options:

  • Build your application with ATS enabled
  • Use ATS exceptions

If you absolutely need to, you can disable ATS requirements, but this option will be going away in the near future. Apple plans to require ATS for all App Store apps.

To learn more, see the Working with App Transport Security (ATS) document.


We are happy to answer any questions that come up in regards to our policy on ATS. Please reach out to support or contact your account manager for more details.