Viewing Viewer Profile Information

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In this topic you will learn how to view viewer profile information in the Audience module.

When using Audience Tracking or SSO integrations, viewer profiles will be created based upon the data that was used to identify the viewer. Viewer profiles allow you to view the viewing data for a given viewer.

All video views in Audience-enabled players will be tracked. To view the video activity, click Viewer Profile (non-MAP) in the left navigation. The Viewer Profiles page will display a list of all viewing activity from Audience tracking and SSO integrations for the selected time period. The calendar control can be used to select a new date range. The Viewer value will be the value that was used to identify the user. Typically, this will be the email address (captured on a lead form for Audience Tracking) or the GUID value used to identify the viewer on SSO integrations. Data can be sorted by clicking on the column headers.

Note: There will be a few hour delay before the viewing data will appear.


Clicking the link for a viewer will display all the viewing activity for that viewer. Data can be sorted by clicking on the column headers.

viewer activity

The data can be exported by clicking the CSV or XLS buttons at the top of the page.

Other data viewing options

Audience data can be viewed/exported in other ways: