Upcoming Distrust of Symantec Certificates for Chrome

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This topic outlines the upcoming distrust of Symantec certificates for Google Chrome.

As outlined in a blog post from Google, starting with Chrome 66, Chrome will remove trust in Symantec-issued certificates issued prior to June 1, 2016.

When viewing pages with a legacy Smart Player that access https://sadmin.brightcove.com/js/BrightcoveExperiences.js, you may see the following message displayed in the console:

The SSL certificate used to load resources from https://sadmin.brightcove.com will be distrusted in M70. Once distrusted, users will be prevented from loading these resources. See https://g.co/chrome/symantecpkicerts for more information.


Brightcove is aware of this issue and is actively working on it. The Brightcove certificate expires on July 28, 2018 and the existing certificate will be replaced by that date. The trust in the Symantec-issued certificates won't be removed until October 2018. This issue will not impact playback on your sites and will not cause any service disruptions or performance issues for you. If you do happen to encounter issues you may suspect may be caused by this, please contact Brightcove Support.