Replacing a Video Source File

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This topic covers how to replace a video source file using the Media module.


There may be times when you want to replace the source file for a video. One common case is when you need to edit a video that was already published. If you delete the video and re-upload, you will have to re-enter all of the video metadata and you will lose any video analytics associated with the video.

While the new renditions are being created, the video will remain playable using the existing renditions.

Note: You cannot replace the source file for videos that have been shared to your account.

Note: Video file names (including the extension) must not exceed 120 single-byte (60 double-byte) characters. If it does, the video will be ingested successfully, but you will not be able to retranscode it later.

Steps to replace a video source file

To replace a video source file, follow these steps:

  1. Click Media in the navigation header to open the Media module.
  2. Click the link for the video you want to replace the source file for.
  3. Locate the Video Files section and click Replace Source File.
  4. The Upload module will open in another tab. Confirm that the Upload module indicates that you are replacing a source file.
  5. Select an ingest profile to use.

    Note: Videos that were initially transcoded using a Dynamic Delivery or Context Aware ingest profile can only be retranscoded using one of those ingest profile types. Videos transcoded using a Legacy ingest profile can be retranscoded with any type of profile.

  6. Use the Upload module to upload a new source file.
  7. Check Keep existing thumbnail and poster images to keep the existing thumbnail and poster images. Uncheck the option to have new images generated from the new source file.
  8. Click Process to begin the transcoding. A Processing Complete message will display. Note that there will be a delay before the updated renditions are available. Check the Upload Date values in the Video Files section of the Media module to verify that the new renditions are available.