Quick Start to Video Cloud

Video Cloud
Studio User
Get Started using Video Cloud Studio

The objective of this Quick Start is to give you a short, simple guide to follow to help get you started using Video Cloud. This Quick Start will give you a set of hands on steps you can work through on your own to discover some of the features of Video Cloud.

After completing this Quick Start you should be able to:

  • Navigate inside Video Cloud Studio
  • Upload videos to Video Cloud
  • Edit video properties
  • Create and style a player
  • Publish a video
  • Create a playlist
  • Publish a playlist


Anyone who is evaluating or is new to Video Cloud.


  • A Video Cloud account - you can sign up for a trial account here.
  • You should download the sample videos zip file or have some sample video clips you can use


The Video Cloud Analytics module is not covered as part of this Quick Start. To learn about Video Cloud analytics, watch the Introduction to Video Cloud Analytics on-demand training course.