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This topic provides a glossary of terms for understanding Once.

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Short for Canonical NAME
  • A DNS database record that indicates the host name of a computer with which its aliases are associated
  • Channels are a mechanism used to maintain the publishing rules for displaying your content
  • They allow for publication rules to be assigned to assets, playlists, players and syndication feeds
Commercial Ad Break
A predetermined point in an asset stream where the main content is paused for a marketing message of a certain length


Dedicated Instance Transcoding
  • A single thread with the capability of processing one profile in a serial manner
  • Provides for a Transcoding Instance dedicated exclusively to a Customer's content
  • Will allow the customer to avoid the general transcode queue
  • Sold separately, multiple Dedicated Instances can be purchased for Customers needing an enhanced transcoding experience
Dedicate Server Transcoding
  • A server assigned to Customer that is capable of processing multiple profiles in a parallel manner
  • Provides for an entire transcoding server to be dedicated to Customer's transcoding needs
  • Sold separately, multiple servers can be purchased for Customer's needing the highest level of transcoding experience
  • The top level administrative designation for clients within the Brightcove Platform
  • Clients can have multiple domains, but can only access one domain per login session
  • Contain Analytics, Channels, Catalogs, Users, Ad Providers, Category Lists, Publication Rules and Rights


  • Short for File Transfer Protocol
  • Network Protocol used to transfer files from one host or to another host over a network
Foreign Key
  • A referential value that matches a field value in one database table to a field value in another table
Used to cross-reference tables for proper asset delivery


Globally Unique Identifier
  • A unique 128-bit number that is produced by the REST API to identify a particular component, application, file, database entry and/or user


A file format that stores multimedia playlists specific to Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)