How do I download my videos?

You can download any rendition file of your videos delivered by progressive download or universal delivery service from the Video Cloud Media module. To download a video uploaded to the Video Cloud, do the following:
  1. From the Video Cloud Studio Media module, select the video and click Edit in the action toolbar.
  2. Select the Video Files tab.
  3. From the Video Files tab of the video editor, select a rendition to download, then from bottom of the right, copy the link for the Rendition URL.
  4. Paste the rendition URL in a browser and save or download the video from there.
Please note: You can download a copy of an H.264 video you originally uploaded to Video Cloud if, when you uploaded multiple renditions, you selected add H.264 source as rendition. In this case, select the largest rendition with the highest resolution. See Uploading Videos with the Media Module for specifics.