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Video encoding best practices
First, our transcoder will preserve the aspect ratio of your file. What this means is that if you upload a 16:9 file, and you will receive 16:9 renditions but if you upload a 4:3 file, and you will receive 4:3 renditions.

If you are using our MP4 transcoder, our system uses mod4 encoding which basically means it can only encode to resolutions that are multiples of 4.

It is important to note that we use the Mod4 rule to determine aspect ratios, as opposed to Mod8 or Mod16. If your source file has an aspect ratio dictated by Mod8 or Mod16, your renditions will be created to the nearest matching Mod4 based aspect ratio. Generally this means that you may notice a slight 1-2 pixel band (letter boxing/pillar boxing) if you use our standard publishing dimensions for players.

Our transcoder uses the below specifications as defaults for Multiple Renditions:

1. 1280x960 (or 1280x720 if 16:9 video) 1.6Mbps
2. 720x540 (or 720x404 if 16:9 video) 1072kbps
3. 640x480 (or 640x360 if 16:9 video) 704kbps
4. 480x360 (or 480x268 if 16:9 video) 436kbps
5. 400x300 (or 400x224 if 16:9 video) 260kbps
6. 400x300 (or 400x224 if 16:9 video) 110kbps

With the option of keeping a source H.264/AAC-encoded file as your highest rendition.

Second, we have a best practices document on encoding files (and delivering them to Brightcove).

Please note in this document that our recommended pixel size for both aspect ratios (4x3 and 16x9) are listed. We also recommend using the “add H.264 as source rendition” when uploading files in the Media Module.

We also have a blog post on the top 10 tips for encoding and high quality video playback that may be useful to read through.

Finally, we have an excellent article that provides greater detail in terms of exporting a high quality source file using Final Cut Pro:

What type of files can I upload?

This document lists the supported containers and codecs you can use when you upload videos for Brightcove to transcodes into H.264 or VP6 (FLV) format:

Any video files that aren't FLV or H.264 will be transcoded into FLV or H.264.