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Latest update 15.3.1
March 31, 2015

New Video Cloud Studio

Playlist Creation, Configuration, and Management

The Media module now supports the ability to display, create and manage smart and manual playlists. See the Creating and Managing Playlists for more information. We are working on adding support for playlists in the New Brightcove Player. When that is available, you'll be able to create playlist players in the Players module and then publish playlists in the Media module.

Cue Point Editor

The Media module now supports the ability to add cue points to videos. See the Adding Cue Points to Videos for more information.

Folder Support for Organization

Folders can be created inside of the Media module and can be used to organize videos. For more information, see Organizing Videos Using Folders.

Custom Analytics Reports

The Analytics module now provides the ability to create custom reports. This new tool enables you to create reports in CSV or XLSX format based on the data dimensions and fields you select. For more information, see Creating Custom Analytics Reports in the Analytics Module.

UI Improvements/Bug Fixes

We've done some UI improvements and bug fixes based on feedback from the beta forums

  • Improved video list/table interaction (all selected rows are highlighted)
  • Ref ID is now a default column in the video list/table
  • Changed the labels from "New Folder" and "New Playlists" to "Create Folder" and "Create Playlist" (we are also going to be swapping out the icon to a "+" icon in a future release)
  • Fixed bugs with the simple search
  • Count of videos in a folder is now automatically updated in the sidebar without needing to refresh the page to see the updated count
  • Live video assets now show a "live" label instead of a 0:00 duration
  • Video information panel/video metadata changes are now showing up in the UI immediately (there was previously a caching issue/delay)
  • Sidebar in media module is now shown by default
  • Video ID is now copyable from the media list/table in the Media Module

Note: The New Video Cloud Studio is currently in beta and is not supported by Brightcove Support. If you would like access to the beta, please contact your Brightcove Account Manager.

Mobile SDKs

Brightcove Player SDK for Android 4.3.5

The Brightcove Player SDK for Android v 4.3.5 is now available and can be downloaded here. For more information, see the release notes.

Brightcove Player SDK for iOS 4.3.3

The Brightcove Player SDK for iOS v 4.3.3 is now available and can be downloaded here. For more information, see the release notes.

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