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Latest update 15.9
September 30, 2015

Note: Google recently made a change to the Chrome browser which may affect video playback in both Smart Players and the New Brightcove Player. For more information, see Video Playback Issue When using Google Chrome.

New Video Cloud Studio


WebVTT Caption Upload

The Media module now supports the ability to upload caption files. For more information, see Adding Captions to Videos.

Ability to Upload Video Still and Thumbnail Images in the Upload Module

A new “Advanced Upload” admin setting has been added that can be configured to allow video still and thumbnail images to be uploaded when videos are uploaded using the Upload module. For more information, see Managing Account Settings and Uploading Videos Using the Upload Module.

Preserve Images when Replacing Video Source File

When replacing a video source file in the Media module, publishers now have the option to keep the existing video still and thumbnail images. For more information, see Replacing a Video Source File.

Hide/Show Ingest Profiles

Publishers now have the ability to hide ingest profiles. This option can be used to hide profiles from showing up in the Upload module ingest profile drop-down list. For more information, see Managing Ingest Profiles.

Custom Analytics Reports

Custom analytics reports now include the ability to use account name as one of the supported data fields. Also, reports can now be filtered based on custom fields. For more information, see Creating Custom Analytics Reports in the Analytics Module.

Scheduled Reports

Scheduled Reports in the Analytics module can now be edited, deleted and activated/deactivated. For more information, see Managing Scheduled Reports.

Mobile SDKs


Brightcove Player SDK for Android 4.5.2

The Brightcove Player SDK for Android v 4.5.2 is now available and can be downloaded here. For more information, see the release notes.

Brightcove Player SDK for iOS 4.4.1

The Brightcove Player SDK for iOS v 4.4.1 is now available and can be downloaded here. For more information, see the release notes.

Brightcove Player v1.14.26

Sep 16
  • Add an option to begin playing a video immediately when clicked in the playlist picker
  • Make the playlist video picker font consistent with the rest of the player
  • Fix an issue on iPhones viewing videos in the Facebook app's embedded webview
  • Fix an issue with using indexOf with playlists that contain videos with RTMP sources
  • Update to video.js 4.12.14

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