Creating Custom Live Ingest Profiles

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In this topic you will learn how to create and manage custom Live ingest profiles.

The Ingest Profiles administration page is used to manage custom Live ingest profiles. Live ingest profiles determine the number and quality of the renditions created by Brightcove Live. The Live ingest profiles are not used when uploading videos to a Video Cloud account. Ingest profiles are defined using JSON. Before creating a new ingest profile, review the Standard Live Ingest Profiles document to see if there is an existing profile available that will meet your needs.

Note: Each profile can create a maximum of 25 renditions.

Creating a new profile

You cannot currently create a new Live ingest profile directly in the Studio Ingest Profiles administration page. Instead, you can create a new profile by duplicating and modifying an existing profile (see the next section), or you can use the Ingest Profiles API.

Duplicating a profile

It is possible to create a new profile by duplicating an existing profile. Then, you can easily duplicate the profile and edit it with your changes.

To create a custom Live ingest profile by duplicating an existing profile:

  1. Click the ADMIN link in the Studio header.
  2. Click the Ingest Profiles link.
  3. Locate a profile with a Type of Standard Live to duplicate. Click the profile name to open the profile editor.
  4. Click Duplicate. The profile editor will open with the new profile.
  5. Scroll to the top of the profile. Edit the name element to give the profile a meaningful name. This name will be displayed inside Video Cloud Studio.
  6. Edit the description element to give the profile a meaningful description.
  7. Edit the rendition information as needed.
  8. Click Save.

The newly created profile will appear in the list of profiles. Custom profiles can be deleted by clicking the delete () button.