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The table below lists the features supported by the Brightcove Native Player SDKs.


The Brightcove Native SDKs include Android, iOS and tvOS. They are built on the following frameworks:

Unless otherwise specified, a "Yes" in the table indicates that the feature is supported for all of the OS versions currently supported by the Native SDK. For a list of supported OS versions, see the following:

Feature support table

Category Feature Native SDK for Android Android / 3rd Party Platform Native SDK for iOS iOS / 3rd Party Platform Native SDK for tvOS tvOS / 3rd Party Platform
Advertising FreeWheel Yes FreeWheel Ad Manager 6.23.0 Yes FreeWheel Ad Manager 6.25.0
Google IMA Yes IMA 3.9.0 Yes IMA 3.7.0
Once UX Yes OnceUX Android Library 2.1.17 Yes Yes
Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) [2] Yes (SDK 5.1.0+) Yes (SDK 6.0.4+) Yes (SDK 6.0.4+)
Analytics Omniture Yes Adobe Video Library 4.11.0 Video Heartbeat 2.0.0 Yes Adobe Marketing Cloud 4.14.1 Video Heartbeat 2.0.1
Video Cloud Analytics Yes Yes Yes
DRM Widevine Modular Yes
FairPlay Yes Yes
Connected TV Google Chromecast [3] Yes (SDK 6.3.0+) Android- based TV, Fire TV
AirPlay Yes (AirPlay 1)
Captions Sidecar WebVTT / TTML, 608 / 708 Yes Yes Yes
Video Formats HLS v3 Yes Yes Yes
HLS v4 Yes [2] Yes Yes
HLS v5 Yes [2] Yes Yes
Encrypted HLS Yes Yes Yes
HLS w/FairPlay Yes Yes
MP4 Yes Yes Yes
Other Picture-in-Picture Yes (SDK 6.1.0+) Android 8.0+
Offline Playback Yes (SDK 5.0.3+) Android 5.0+ Yes (SDK 6.0.1+) iOS 10.0+, but 10.3+ recommended
360 Playback Yes Yes
Live/ Live DVR (HLS) Yes Yes Yes
Live/ Live DVR (DASH)
Live/ Live DVR (DRM)
Multiple Audio Tracks Yes Yes Yes


  • [1] Using ExoPlayer 1 with the Native SDK for Android is deprecated and features are supported as follows:
    • HLS - ExoPlayer 1 and 2 only
    • DRM - ExoPlayer 1 and 2 only
    • SSAI - ExoPlayer 2 only

    All of the Other features listed in the table - ExoPlayer 2 only

  • [2] Requires Dynamic Delivery
  • [3] Limitations for Chromecast with Native SDK for Android